HP DeskJet 690C going thru window any second now!

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Right that's it - this baby's going through the window any second now! Surely someone out there can help?

I'm tearing my hair out here.

I have a Packard Bell Spirit with Windows XP and a HP DeskJet 690C printer. Printer has been working just fine but now has suddenly stopped. Well, when I say stopped, I mean that when I hit Print on the computer it makes its usual noise, draws a sheet of paper in and then nothing happens... no printing onto the paper, just a blinking light. Can't see any paper jammed inside and in any casr when I disconnect power cable and reconnect the sheet of paper draws completely through and ejects into the out tray but just blank. Have looked at printer cartridges - haven't tried cleaning them because I don't have any distilled water - would be surprised if that was the problem because they look pretty clean. Does anyone have any ideas?


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