lexmark x83 copy problem

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Lexmark x83, everything works fine except when I try to use the copy function on the printer. when it prints a copy it is faded and double printed. The scanner will scan to my pc then print out the copy but will not print a copy directly from the printer. Can anyone help?

售后技术交流平台 D.Tony  2009-8-15 21:17:27 

    Scanning and copying are two different functions. Scanning refers to the process of putting a copy on the hard drive of your computer so that you can than work with it. Of coarse you can print it from the computer after editing it if you want.

You should also have a copy button on the printer. The copy buttons sends the scanned object directly to the printer part of your machine and does not send it to the computer.

Think of the functions as seperate items and you will see what I mean.

The scanner is one item. It can send items to the computer or to the printer built into your machine.

The printer is built into your machine and can except informatin to print from the computer or from the scanner electronics.

If the control panel is set to scaning than it will send the document to the computer. If it is set to copy it will send the document to the built in printer.

I may be wrong and you may have a problem but check the control panel on the printer and see if it is set on scan or copy. Use the copy button to copy and scan button to send the copy to the computer if you have both.

Hope this helps.