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I've been refilling cartridges and having the chips reset at a local store for 3 years. Last week, I disconnected my printer from my computer and hooked up to a laser printer to do a large quantity of b&w printing.

When I reconnected the Epson to my computer, it wouldn't print. The green light was on, but nothing works. I tried shutting down the printer, but the only way I could shut off the power was to unplug it.

It won't print a test page, and Epson's online support says it will need service - minimum $65.

A local technician says it may be the result of using a generic cartridge, but purchasing Epson cartridges will cost more than a new printer.

Any suggestions? I've purchased a Epson Stylus C86 but haven't opened it yet - I loved my 777, and hate to toss it out!


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