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Are the 8500 and 9000 fusers interchangeable? (I was just able to verify that they are, both machines use a HP LaserJet 6P Fuser, the Laser Class 9500 also uses the same fuser.)

I swapped the fuser with a 9000 and the error did not clear.

After installing a replacement fuser are there any reset procedures that need to be done?

Does the 8500 have a minimum amount of time it needs to be powered off to clear a fuser error?

canon常见故障问题解答 D.BUSH  2009-6-23 0:12:28 

    I found this on the internet:

This normally means the Fixing Film has failed. Check between the two pins on the center white connector on the fixer and you will porbably find an open. This is the heater input, and should be about 30 ohms. The other connector is the thermistor and should be about 330K. Also the ##322 fault will not reset just by turning off the fax. It has to be off for at least 15 minutes to reset.

I had checked the machine I was working on using the 6P manual as a guidline, fuser values were close, I've been using the same digital meter for 14 years, so I don't expect exact readings.

I received some information on July 13th:

If a ##321 or ##322 error is indicated this refers to a fault in the Fixing assembly.

After checking the fuse on the PSU or replacing the defective part the unit should return to a normal standby stage.

If not the problem may be in the PCNT board.